Wrongful Death


Under the Michigan wrongful death statute, a wrongful death lawsuit asserts that the victim was killed as a result of the negligence or other liability of another, and as a result the victim’s immediate family and any other dependents are entitled to monetary damages, based on the conduct of the defendant or perpetrator.
To bring a Michigan wrongful death action, the victim's death must have been caused by the wrongful, negligent, careless, or reckless act of a person, company, or municipality.  The following information is based on Michigan’s wrongful death statute. If you have questions about a potential wrongful death claim, it is very important to consult with an experienced attorney in your own state and in the state where the fatal injury occurred.
If a loved one lost his or her life in as the result of an accident or the negligent conduct of another or has been caused by the fault of another product, doctor, hospital or company, talk with an experienced Michigan wrongful death attorney at the English Law Office, PLC.
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